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What to Look for in an HVAC Coil Replacement

by | Jul 13, 2017

Cooney Coil & Energy can get your air handling systems back on track!

HVAC Coil ReplacementSome would say that coils are the most critical component of any HVAC system. The importance of coils is hard to deny, especially when coils are not performing or, even worse, have ruptured due to freezing. Anyone who has had unfortunate experiences with HVAC coils understands that they play an indispensable role in HVAC systems. This is why finding the best HVAC coil replacement is of the utmost importance: your entire air handling system depends on it!

Coils carry the life-blood within the air handler. Cool water flows through them in the summer, and hot water flows through them in the winter. Coils are the “veins” of your air handling system and, without them, you will not be able to properly regulate your company’s air quality.

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of proper air regulation. HVAC systems provide a service that’s essential to the successful operation of your company. Air handling systems provide a comfortable temperature for your facilities and make sure that your products are not compromised by extreme temperatures or humidification levels. From maintaining a healthy work environment for employees to ensuring that pharmaceutical products are created and stored in proper conditions, excellent HVAC coil performance plays a necessary role in business operations all over the US.

So what can you do when your HVAC coils are compromised? When the coils are the issue, Cooney Coil & Energy is the solution. From poor performance to ruptures, the Cooney team provides all the essential services necessary to deliver replacement coils that fit perfectly and exceed your expectations on every level.

What are these “essential services”? And what should you look for in an HVAC coil replacement?

Cooney Coil & Energy: The HVAC Coil Replacement Professionals!

Cooney Coil & Energy is, first and foremost, a coil replacement company. That means we know our way around HVAC coil replacements. In fact, we invented and hold the patent on our flagship product, Cooney Freeze Block, which guarantees that the coils we use to replace your damaged coils will never be vulnerable to freeze damage.

Here’s how our process works…

When you have a coil rupture due to cold temperatures freezing the liquid flowing through your coil (or, if you’re thinking ahead before this rupture occurs), then give us a call. After we receive your call, we will send a professional team to your location.

During the site visit, our team of experts will:

  • Ensure the performance of your replacement coil matches your expectations.
  • Perform onsite measurements so your replacement coil fits like a glove.
  • Configure your replacement coil with Freeze Block technology, which is guaranteed against freeze-related damage for up to 48 months!
  • Expedite manufacturing so your system is up and running with minimal downtime.

All of our coils meet or exceed industry standards for coil manufacturing. When you go with Cooney Coil & Energy, your coil will fit perfectly and perform flawlessly. This is our guarantee.

Give us a call today to see what our professional team, incomparable service, and unique technology can do for your facility.

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