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Cooling Coils Decoded: Your Guide to Staying Cool with Cooney Coil & Energy

by | Jun 4, 2024

As we step into the heat of summer, let’s take a moment to appreciate the little heroes that keep our facilities comfortable, cooling coils. These vital components of HVAC systems have an enormous job – transferring heat and maintaining the desired temperature in our spaces.

Understanding Different Types of Cooling Coils

Chilled Water Coils

Chilled water coils are a popular type of cooling coil used in HVAC systems. They cool the air by circulating chilled water through the coil. These coils can be constructed with different numbers of rows, usually between 3-10, which affects their depth and efficiency.

Direct Expansion Coils

Direct expansion coils are another effective cooling solution. Used in refrigeration systems, these coils cool the air directly by circulating refrigerant through the coil. They function differently from chilled water coils, requiring a refrigerant distributor instead of a hydronic feed.

Cooling Season Prep

Checking and Replacing Coils

Sometimes, coils may become damaged or inefficient over time. Old or damaged coils can lead to higher energy bills and decreased cooling performance. Therefore, replacing HVAC coils before the cooling season is crucial to ensure efficient cooling.

Cooney Coil & Energy can design any coil to replace existing coils in HVAC systems, these are a lifeline when your OEM coils need a break. At Cooney Coil & Energy, we offer a Form, Fit & Function Guarantee on our replacement coils. This means we ensure they accurately fit and function seamlessly in your system, providing you with uninterrupted comfort.

If you have a cooling coil emergency, ask us about our expedite options! We can build and ship coils on 2-day, 5-day, and 10-day expedites. Call our team for availability at 610-783-1136.

Cleaning Coils and Drain Pans

Dirty coils can strain your system, leading to higher energy costs and reduced cooling performance. Cleaning your HVAC coils and drain pans before the cooling season is essential for optimal functioning. Regular cleaning helps reduce dust, dirt, and debris accumulation, ensuring effective heat transfer. Additionally, cleaning drain pans and lines prevents water damage by ensuring a smooth flow of water.

Choosing the Right Material

When it comes to cooling coils, the material matters. In chilled water coils, you’ll commonly find 5/8″ and 1/2″ tubes. Thicker 5/8″ tubes provide a slightly lower water pressure drop and longer lifespan. However, they can be pricier due to increased wall thickness. Performance-wise, both tube diameters are quite similar, so it’s a matter of balancing cost.

At Cooney Coil & Energy, we offer headers, casings, and fins in various materials, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Your choice depends on specific factors like the environment and heat transfer properties. Rest assured, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Cooney Coil & Energy’s Cooling Coil Solutions

hvac coil replacement measurement

Guaranteed Fit

At Cooney Coil & Energy, we offer a Form, Fit & Function Guarantee. Our replacement parts for heating and cooling systems will fit right in and work flawlessly.

chilled water coil selection engineering

Engineering Excellence

We don’t just meet industry standards – we aim to exceed them. Our experienced engineers use the latest technology and techniques to design high-performance cooling coils that deliver exceptional results.

dx coil chilled water hvac coils

Coil Selection

From direct expansion coils and refrigeration coils, to chilled water coils and performance-enhancing coatings, we offer a wide range of coil options to suit your specific requirements.

Energy Efficiency

We understand the importance of energy efficiency, which is why we offer a range of coil options designed to reduce energy consumption and save you money in the long run.

Understanding Microchannel Coils

Understanding Microchannel Coils

In today’s HVAC/R industry, microchannel coils have become increasingly popular due to their efficiency and size advantages. However, these coils have also faced challenges and failures in certain systems, leading to a demand for better solutions. At Cooney Coil & Energy, we understand the importance of reliable and durable microchannel coils for your chiller system. That’s why we offer Evapco’s MicroChannel Replacement Coils, designed specifically for industrial applications and offering superior performance and longevity compared to OEM coils.

Industrial HVAC Coils

Industrial HVAC Coils

Our industrial HVAC coils deliver reliable performance even in the harshest environments. Contact us today and see why we’re the preferred choice for coils.


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