Microchannel Coils

Microchannel coils provide superior heat transfer and high efficiency in a compact footprint. They are lighter weight than traditional copper coils, allowing easier installation. 

At Cooney Coil & Energy, we provide direct replacement microchannel coils for major brands like York, Carrier, and more. Our coils are designed for longevity with epoxy coatings to prevent corrosion. We also build custom coils for unique applications. Our coils come with a 5-year warranty.

Direct replacement coils for York & Carrier chillers.


  • Up to 40% Higher Efficiency
  • Reduced Size, Weight & Footprint
  • Up to 50% Charge Reduction
  • Non-Automotive, industrial design
  • 25-30% Thicker tube walls
  • Epoxy Coating for superior corrosion protection 
  • Built-in Mini-receiver (in lower header) to make it easier to charge
  • Side Flange for drop in/slide in installation
  • 5-Year Warranty

Need a replacement HVAC coil ASAP? We can help! Most of our microchannel coils can be delivered the same day. Give us a call at (610) 783-1136 for availability and pricing.

All microchannel coils come standard with epoxy coating for superior corrosion protection.

Certified in accordance with AHRI Force-Circulation Air-Cooling and Air-Heating Coils Certification Program which is based on AHRI Standard 410 within the Range of Standard Rating Conditions listed in Table 1 of the Standard.

Certified units may be found in the AHRI Directory at www.ahridirectory.com

Microchannel Replacement Coil

Key Features

How Micro Channel Coils Work

Microchannel coils contain multiple flat tubes with small channels through which refrigerant flows. The flat tubes provide increased surface area for heat transfer. Fins are attached between the tubes to further dissipate heat.
Some key advantages of microchannel coils:

  •  Higher efficiency – up to 40% greater heat transfer capacity than round tube coils
  • Compact size – coils take up less space
  • Lower refrigerant volume – require less refrigerant to operate
  • Lightweight – easier to handle and install


Why do Microchannel Coils fail?

Evapco’s microchannel coils are a robust design and built to last longer than typical OEM microchannel coils. Learn more about why standard OEM microchannel coils fail in our blog.

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