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At Cooney Coil we’re more than just a distributor of heating and cooling system parts and equipment. We’re a partner that can help keep your infrastructure run smoothly and work efficiently.

Our experienced team can help troubleshoot problems, assess complex heating and cooling system issues, and recommend the best solution.


Commerical HVAC Replacement Coils

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Quality HVAC Equipment Made to Last

At Cooney Coil & Energy, we provide a wide range of robust and high-quality American-made products designed to meet the needs of any HVAC system.

Our Services

Form | Fit | Function - Guaranteed

We guarantee that the equipment we provide will fit accurately and work perfectly.

Guaranteed Measurements

We will visit your onsite to take final, precise measurements so when you place an order we guarantee form, fit, and function.

On-Site Troubleshooting

On our site visits, we will learn about your complete system, diagnose your challenges and recommend a solution –  at no cost to you!

Engineering Support

Our team is made up of heat transfer specialists! We can help with calculations, drawings, and HVAC performance.

Technical Seminars

Looking to learn more about HVAC coils, steam or the latest HVAC technologies? Let us come by and answer any questions you have about HVAC systems. 

Colleges & Universities



Pharma Industry HVAC equipment



Commercial Industrial HVAC Equipment

Commercial + Industrial

Commercial + Industrial

Healthcare hospital HVAC equipment




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We love finding solutions to challenging HVAC issues! Our experts can help with free site visits, troubleshooting and guaranteed measurements. Request a quote to get started!