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At Cooney Coil & Energy, we are proud to represent top manufactures of replacement parts and equipment for commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems. Our manufacturing partners offer advanced technology, expert support, and manufacture products here in America.

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OEM + Replacement HVAC Coils

We have over a decade worth of experience with replacement HVAC coils.

If you need a custom replacement coil or a direct fit OEM replacement, Cooney Coil & Energy can help.

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Freeze Block HVAC Coils

Stop the rupture! Prevent freeze-damaged coils. Available for steam and fluid coils.

Replacement Fluid Coil Hot Water Chilled Water

Fluid Coils

HVAC coils for hot water, chilled water, and glycol applications. Available with Freeze Block Technology.

Steam Coil

Steam Coils

Standard steam coils or tube-in-tube steam coil design aka “non-freeze” coils. Also available with Freeze Block™ technology

Replacement Condenser Coil

Condenser Coils

Designed for your precise refrigerant application. Quick ship & expedite options available.

DX Coils / Evaporator Coils

Standard, interlaced, multi-circuit configurations and face split designs available to support your HVAC system.

sectional hvac coil

Sectional Coils

Modular coils built that allows for easy transportation through elevators and tight spaces to save you on installation costs.

Microchannel Replacement Coil

Microchannel Coils

Custom replacement microchannel coils and drop-in replacements for York and Carrier chillers. Made in the USA, built to last.

Smart Coil

Smart Coil

Smart Coil notifies your building automation system when a freeze has occurred to prevent coil damage. Available for new or existing Freeze Block Coils. 

hvac coil coatings

Coil Coatings

Our advanced coil coatings extend the coil’s life span, boost performance, and enhance coil cleanability.

Coil Resources

HVAC Coil Capabilities

Discover the full range of our top-tier HVAC coil offerings and services by downloading our capabilities line card.

Blank Coil Templates

Our blank coil drawings make it easy to record coil sizes and construction details for a replacement coil.

Site Visits

On our site visit, we’ll take measurements, understand your system, identify challenges, and suggest solutions.

Glycol Calculator

What is the true cost of glycol? Compare the cost of operating a system with glycol vs. water with Freeze Block™ freeze protection.

Heat Exchangers

thermo-pack steam to domestic hw heater

Cooney Thermo-Pack

Packaged Heat Exchangers

Tube Bundles

thermo-pack steam to domestic hw heater

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

thermo-pack steam to domestic hw heater

Brewery Heat Exchangers

Steam Specialities

Made In the USA

We’re a stocking distributor for Watson McDaniel. Give us a call to see what’s in stock for same-day delivery!

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Steam Traps

Steam Traps

Condensate Pump Packages

Blowdown Seperators

Pressure Powered Pumps

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pilot-Operated Regulators


Air & Dirt Separators

ElectroCell Systems