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Uncover Your Facility’s Hot Water Needs

by | Jul 3, 2023

Importance of a Properly Designed Domestic Hot Water Return & Distribution System

Hot water is a basic necessity in commercial facilities, like college dormitories and hospitals. However, waiting for minutes for hot water to reach the point of use when a hot water tap is turned on can be frustrating and wasteful. This is where a properly designed hot water return and distribution system is key. It ensures on-demand point-of-use domestic hot water in a facility.

Maximizing Efficiency with an Instantaneous Steam to Hot Water Heat Exchanger

Cooney Thermo-Pack is an instantaneous steam-to-hot water generator that uses the entire hot water distribution system with the hot water return system to maintain a constant flow of hot water as needed. It does not heat unnecessary amounts of storage tank water. The V Ball steam control valve technology and counter cross-flow sub-cooling system design ensure significant steam savings for generating the same heat load in a vertical, space-saving footprint. The Cooney Thermo-pack provides the consistent and reliable hot water needs of any application.

In existing large hot water storage tanks in commercial facilities that have hot water return systems installed, hot water on-demand is solved, but it may be wasteful in keeping the contents of that entire storage tank hot, as well as the entire domestic hot water system. The Cooney Thermo-Pack, on the other hand, provides a solution that is more efficient and effective.

Do you know how much hot water your facility actually needs?

Engineers often oversize domestic water heaters, resulting in an inefficient generation of hot water. This is because the system is generally sized for a peak demand that may not be seen very often. To get an accurate representation of a facility’s actual hot water consumption needs, we offer a free flow-rate analysis with non-invasive water meters for Cooney Thermo-Pack quotes. This data can be used to properly size a heat exchanger that is more appropriately sized for their actual hot water consumption, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

Contact Cooney for Your Free Flow-Rate Analysis Today!

In conclusion, a properly designed hot water return and distribution system is essential for any facility that requires on-demand hot water. Waiting for hot water to reach the point of use when a hot water tap is turned on can be frustrating and inefficient.  It usually results in significant amounts of stratified cooler water wasted down the drain, waiting for the user to get their desired water temperature from the tap. The Thermo-Pack provides an efficient and effective solution for high domestic hot water consumption needs in commercial facilities.

Contact us today for your free flow-rate analysis and see how a Cooney Thermo-Pack can help to reduce your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more at 610-783-1136 or We look forward to helping you get the reliable hot water your facility needs!


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